Our Vision

Foster Curiosity about Science in Everyone

Our Mission

Raise awareness of publicly supported STEM research and broaden the participation of underrepresented groups by connecting, engaging, and documenting public engagement with science.

Who We Are

SciLinkR was started by a group of faculty and staff at Brandeis and Hampton Universities who are passionate about outreach but were frustrated by how difficult it was to connect with the communities that need them most.

By working with the NSF-supported Brandeis University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, they were able to create SciLinkR.com and a more efficient way for scientists and engineers to connect with the world. We acknowledge support from the NSF MRSEC DMR-1420382.

The Team

Anique Olivier-Mason


Dr. Anique Olivier-Mason is the Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity of the Brandeis MRSEC and has been connecting scientists with teachers for almost a decade.

In 2017, she founded the Brandeis Science Communication Lab, a successful campus resource that helps make scientific content accessible and applicable. In 2018, she wanted to improve accessibility on a national scale, so she recruited a team of top-notch researchers to develop SciLinkR. Dr. Olivier-Mason believes that curiosity in science can empower any individual to change the world.

Seth Fraden


Professor Seth Fraden is the Brandeis MRSEC Director, Hampton PREM Co-PI, and a soft matter materials scientist with research interests in active liquid crystals, DNA origami, microfluidics, protein crystallization non-linear chemodynamics and chemomechanics.

Throughout his career, he has worked with numerous universities, public schools and industries around the country to raise awareness of publicly-funded science research.

Irv Epstein


Professor Irv Epstein is a Fischbach Professor of Chemistry and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor at Brandeis. He is also the founder of STEM Posse, a cohort-based program designed to recruit, support and retain students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds in STEM disciplines.

By developing faculty and student learning communities, Professor Epstein helps overcome barriers to student success in STEM.

Ben Rogers


Professor Ben Rogers is a Professor of Physics affiliated with the Brandeis MRSEC. He is a materials scientist and engineer interested in colloidal self-assembly, nucleic-acid nanotechnology, and membrane biophysics.

Professor Rogers regularly participates in public outreach and values connecting with classroom and museum educators.

Avi Rodal


Professor Avi Rodal is a Professor of Biology and a senior investigator in the MRSEC. She is a cell biologist with interests in membrane reshaping mechanisms and the role of membrane traffic in neuronal function and neurological disease.

She is passionate about outreach and communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and mentoring junior scientists.

Jerald Dumas


Professor Jerald Dumas is a Hampton University Professor of Chemical Engineering and co-Principal Investigator of the Hampton University NSF PREM award.

By mentoring and training underrepresented students in STEM, Professor Dumas works to increase diversity in the STEM workforce.

Fanuel Muindi


Dr. Fanuel Muindi is the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) at Harvard University. He is also the co-founder and director of a non-profit think tank and incubator called the Stem Advocacy Institute (SAI) that conducts research in-order to build new tools and insights to both understand and tackle fundamental issues of access in science education, outreach, and communication.

In support of the visions at SAI and also SciLinkR, Dr. Muindi believes in a future where there is universal and equitable access to science for all.

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